Going Freelance With Your Photography Hobby.

Going Freelance With Your Photography Hobby.


Have you ever thought of bringing your Photography interest to another level? Granted, these are a few tips on how you can get started

#1 Port folio

Having a portfolio site is a MUST for every Photographer. What do people do when they look for a photographer? Get on their computer and start googling Freelance Photographer, Birthday Photographer, Event Photographer and ETC. It is true that most photographers receive their jobs mainly from google search. The need for a website means one thing, having your SEO done well means another. You can have a website with sleek design, lovely layouts. However without content, google cannot rank you. The search for the right web-designer can be a challenge. A website could range as low as $1000 to $15000, from freelancers to actual companies. These figures may be a big turn off for you. you may ask yourself this, can I trust a freelance web-designer? the best answer is that you should trust those Webdesign with a decent amount of portfolios that comprises of the style that you like. I believe you can get your website up within $1-2k.

#2 Social media/ online portals

The presence of 30k followers on Instagram definitely help. You would probably have people dm their way into your account and ask for your rates. But I believe it’s not easy to “grind” that amount of followers, and it’s not very possible for every different photographer’s style. Of course, most credible photographers in Singapore might not even have an Instagram page or even Facebook. What other alternatives could you go for? Nowadays there are many ways for you to get hold of jobs. Freelancing platforms such as Behance and Upwork could potentially be your source of side income. You might want to consider giving platform like those a try!

#3 Capturing moments that leaves an impression

You’ve been taking photos for ages but what really defines your photography is whether your style of photography leaves an impression. Is your style similar to an existing artist and what makes you special and finally, what will be your lingo to this photography hobby of yours? Try to keep a constant theme to all your editing. It’s good to have different styles from time to time, but you would want to keep at least most of your photos of a consistent style. It’ll be easier for the audience to view the photos that are of the same concept instead of jumbled messy contents.

#4 Practice your photography on your friend’s Birthday party

The best place to practice for event shoots is non other than your friend’s birthday party! It does not only contribute significantly to your portfolio it could also be a type of training to increase alertness on your surroundings, be well-aware of moments that cannot be replicated.


Finally, the utmost importance is that you’re able to earn a small pocket by doing what you love. If you have a chance to pursue your passion and even earn a little cash from it, hesitate no more!

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