What You Are Paying For When You Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer.

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, you will know all about how the expenses just keep on adding up. Therefore you will be tempted to let a Friend (who is an amateur photographer) to  cover your wedding photography. However, we would advise against this as you actually benefit greatly from the services of a professional photographer and receive exceptional value for money.

When to be frugal or not

By not exposing yourself to the risk of your wedding photos turning out blurry or of a poor quality, not able to capture those special moments perfectly, by hiring a Professional freelance photographer you are guaranteed not to be disappointed with the outcome.

Equipment Coverage

The advantages of having a professional Wedding Photographer on your special day are endless. For example, a decent photography equipment will usually charge at an amount of $60 per day which will only include a Camera body and a lens (excluding delivery charge). So if you’re looking at just the equipment itself, a Wedding photographer will always bring a spare camera, and a few lenses for the coverage. Just the rental itself could cost up to $100-200.

Photography Coverage

What you are mainly paying for is actually the man hour rate, and the years of experience on the photography skill sets. The rates usually range from $200-250/hour, but most Photographers will give a fare discount when you engage them for additional hours of service. To ensure quality photos, we strongly advise for a full coverage.

An Experience that Stands Beyond Monetary Value

No matter how experience the photographer may be, the photos might still turn out bad. Professional wedding photography requires a good set of eyes in order to precisely capture the perfect images beautifully. This is essential because the set of photographs you have of your special day will be the lasting memory of your wedding and if they are captured unprofessionally, by an amateur on a cheap camera, your happy wedding memories will be ruined forever.

When you hire a professional photographer for your wedding, they will instinctively know how to work in any light. Whether the sun is shining brightly or it is pouring down with rain, you can rest assured that your images will turn out beautifully as your photographer will guide you into the perfect pose.

Of course, there are freelance wedding photographer that charges at an extreme low rate, and also some bridal shops do include a wedding photographer for your actual day. But can you trust those photographer? So, don’t take a chance with your wedding memories simply to save a few dollars!


Why Hire A Photographer For Your Birthday?

Why Hire A Photographer For Your Birthday?


Some people may face certain dilemma when it comes to making a decision whether to hire a professional photographer or not. As for you, these following questions maybe affecting your final decision;

“Is there really a need for a professional photographer my birthday party?

“I am not sure if the extra cost of hiring a photographer is worth it.”

“I don’t know anything about those companies that provide such services and it will take too much unnecessary time to do research and seek out the suited one”

Well if one of those concerns are hindering your process of decision-making, then give us a few minutes of your time to read on and it may provide you a clearer answer. These are the 4 reasons to hire a photographer for a birthday event

#1 You want to make sure no guest is left behind the scenes

Some of your friends maybe magnanimous enough to offer their help as the photographer for the day. However, I am confidently sure that you would not want any of your invited friends to miss out any of the precious moments in the event you are hosting. Let no one be left out of the spot light and allow us to make sure everyone is captured in the most beautiful and memorable manner.

#2 Unnecessary stress over losing precious snaps

The process of hosting a good birthday party takes tremendous effort. You won’t have time to entertain every single guest. After you have partake in the activities and finally, ending off with the birthday cake presentation and the birthday song, you want to assure all these are captured. Hire a professional photographer to ensure all these moments are captured perfectly, because you won’t have a chance to redo it.


#3 Multi-tasking can be a little too cumbersome

It is not impossible to manage various tasks at a time but why divert that extra attention when you could focus all your energy, time and efforts entirely sharing those unforgettable moments with your loved ones. A professional photographer can save your own hassle and take every glamorous, filter and edit the most “insta-ready” photos on your behalf.

#4 Details

Photography is more than just getting a good camera with sharp lens and knowing how to snap photos. It comprises of many other elements such as the angles, lightings, colour contrast of the surroundings and etc. These professional photographer have mastered all these techniques and are here ready to provide their years of experiences to release the best quality photos. Capturing precious moments in squares are indeed important, but why not make them into perfection with the final touches of professional editing.


My advise to you mates.

As you plan for your birthday, consider hiring a professional photographer for it. Let him do his job while you fully enjoy your party. Before you know it, the party it’s over, but the memories stay in photograph.

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